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السبت، 8 يونيو 2019

Trump is allowing Saudi Arabia to acquire advanced military technology

Trump is allowing Saudi Arabia to acquire advanced military technology
The New York Times reported that US President Donald Trump allowed Saudi Arabia to acquire advanced military technology to cooperate with major arms companies to produce parts of bombs and precision-guided weapons that could be used in Yemen. The newspaper said in a report that the Trump administration's statement after declaring a state of emergency last month to allow the sale

of arms to Saudi Arabia led to more than anger the Congress, which opposed the deal on humanitarian grounds. It also raised concern that the Saudis could find the technology by which they could produce their own version of carefully targeted US bombs, the weapons they have used to hit civilians since the fighting began in Yemen years ago. Emergency powers allow Raytheon, one of the largest US

arms manufacturers, to collaborate with Saudi Arabia to build parts of bombs in Saudi Arabia, the undisclosed part of the report, but it was part of a declaration the administration told Congress this week. The move gives Raytheon and the Saudis a broad license to begin assembling control systems, electronics and circuit boards that are necessary for the company's smart Pavwave bombs, while the US has been monitoring the proliferation of such technology closely for reasons of national security. "It makes me think the president is incapable of distinguishing between the interests of the United States and the interests of others," Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski was quoted as saying, adding that the Trump administration did not provide evidence that the Saudis and Emiratis were exposed to a new threat from Iran that justified an ad case of emergency.

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A human record terrible andpaper thatnumberreports of human rights groupsshown overpast few years that this particular bombs used inbombingcivilians, noting that former US President Barack Obamaadministration had suspended salessuch bombs to Saudi Arabia after targetingfuneral procession in Sanaa In 2016. A number of senators are seeking to include 22 additional measures to limit the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, reflecting their rejection of ongoing arms deals to Saudi Arabia. Republican Senator Paul Ryan comments on the news: "Few countries deserve more confidence than Saudi Arabia. In recent years,

the Saudis have committed a number of human atrocities. They have repeatedly lied to the United States, and it is inappropriate for America to continue supplying them with weapons. " As he says. It is troubling that the Trump administration is trying to circumvent the law and the Congress to give the Saudis not only the jobs of Americans, but also the US weapons technology, NBC News quoted Sen. Bob Menendez as saying. The station also quoted Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy as saying that the kingdom - which commits atrocities in Yemen, kills dissidents and journalists and treats women as private property - is not worthy of the United States giving it highly sensitive military technology, he said

Source: New York Times,
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